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Your family is unique - your life insurance should be too.

Life insurance is not the most pleasant topic to think about- but if something unexpected happens, your family deserves to feel a sense of security. They'll be grateful you decided to sign up for a policy. Nowadays, the market provides you with a variety of coverage options that you can tailor according to your needs and budget. Life insurance plans may be more affordable than you think. Especially in a state like California, where the cost of living is touching the sky, you would want to ensure that if you ever die or are no longer able to work, the family must be able to sustain their living standards. Investing in the future of your family shouldn't be considered as an option but a necessity and so we are here to guide you through the process.

Randhawa Insurance Agency in Fresno is the most trusted and recommended insurance provider as we make it a point to not make your insurance policy seem like a financial burden on your shoulder. Our process of quoting a policy is completely genuine as our quotes are pocket friendly. Along with life insurance quotes in california, the premium amount that needs to be paid every month is a small fraction of your monthly income which can be paid without burning a hole in your pocket. Opposite to the popular belief that getting life insurance is a waste of money because you never actually use that amount, our agency prioritizes your benefit from each scheme without any pressure of having to buy the policy. The consultation with our agents is always a good time investment as they make you face reality and prepare you for the worse that could be turned into the best for your loved ones.

Life Insurance in USA

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Life insurance in Fresno, California is affordable with Randhawa Insurance Agency, but there are different types of life insurance policies that serve different purposes and often people cannot differentiate between the investment and benefits of these schemes. Let's further look at the different policies that are available in the market and what are their specifications.

1. Term Life Insurance

It is the traditional term life insurance. The policy lasts for a specific term or period and if the insurer doesn't die in the time of the term, the policy is dissolved without any payout. While going for a term life insurance, there are only two questions that need to be taken care of, the amount that you want to be insured and how long do you want the coverage to last. It's the cheapest way to get your life insured and is the easiest to understand. Term Life Insurance is generally sold in terms of 5,10,15,20,25 or 30 years and it provides valuable coverage for beneficiaries. The only drawback of this policy is that there is a chance of out living the term of the policy and then no amount is returned, moreover you'll have to buy another policy if you still need that insurance. If you are planning on buying term life insurance for low premiums with more coverage options than talk to us today.

2. Return of Premium Life Insurance

ROP life insurance is another type of term insurance where you have an option to get your premium back partially or fully at the end of the policy term. Returns depend on your choice of contract. This type of policy is also called the Term Insurance Return of Premium (TROP). With this policy, you can avail of income replacement and policy refund upon the maturity of the policy. So in case, the policyholder survives the term, the premium amount is returned to the insurance agency and the rest is paid back to the insurer. Having bought life insurance quotes in California is a good deal in today's time as it ensures that your family will not suffer financially once you're gone and with this type of return of premium, your amount is safely returned to you so go for it today.

3. Whole Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance does not come with an expiry date, it stays forever. Along with paying out the death benefit after the death of the insured, this type of policy also comes with an added cash value which can be considered as similar to a savings account. This savings amount can be invested by the policyholder and extract extra benefits from it or the cash amount can also be withdrawn or borrowed as per need. Because there is no expiry of this policy, it is also called 'permanent' or 'traditional' insurance. This type of insurance provides you a fixed level of premium, and it will not increase with time. Whole life insurance could be cost-effective if it customized as per the requirement. But comparatively, it is an expensive way of buying life insurance with the benefit that it is guaranteed insurance and there are no surprises involved.

4. Universal Life Insurance

In this type of policy, there is a certain amount of death benefit involved and the payments are rigid. The insurance agency demands the premiums to be paid on the fixed date as the policy could be forfeited upon the failure of the payment. It is comparatively cheaper insurance in which you can choose the age till when you want to get the death benefit. But unlike whole life insurance, which provides cash value to the insurer, there is very little or no cash value involved.

5. Indexed Universal Life Insurance

In this policy, the added cash value can be linked to a stock market index such as mutual funds. This means that if the stock market goes up, there is enough chance for you to benefit. Also, within limits the payments and death value amount are flexible. You have different options with more flexibility for you. Give us a chance to design a comprehensive plan for you that will be in budget and within your financial goals. This policy will be affordable life insurance that protects you and your loved ones.

6. Variable Universal Life Insurance and Variable Life Insurance

This is a risk-involved investment as in this policy, you have the option of tying your cash value to the investment market such as bonds or equity accounts. There also exists the option of making partial withdrawals or loans against the cash value. On one hand, where this policy can be very beneficial if you can keep a daily update about the daily trends in the market, on the other hand, it might also lead to losses if you do not keep up with the daily fluctuations.

Things to consider before buying life insurance.

Below is a list of few things that need to be considered if you wish to be a smart buyer and want to go for a policy that entails maximum benefit for your loved ones once you're gone.

How long do you need coverage?

As mentioned above, there are broadly two types of insurance available. If you need a permanent insurance cover then you should go for whole life insurance but if you are suffering from a fatal disease or your death is certain within a specific term, term life insurance is the most preferred by most people. A permanent coverage also covers the burial or funeral expenses so that the family is not burdened underpaying for these expenses.

Is Savings One of Your Objectives?

Unlike term life insurance, permanent insurance or whole life insurance comes with an added cash value which can be used as savings or can be invested in the stock market. This cash value is different from the death benefit or the cover that the beneficiaries are offered, and thus there is a double benefit.

Is Savings One of Your Objectives?

Unlike term life insurance, permanent insurance or whole life insurance comes with an added cash value which can be used as savings or can be invested in the stock market. This cash value is different from the death benefit or the cover that the beneficiaries are offered, and thus there is a double benefit.

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